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A farm girl floats naked down the river. She gets scared thinking about what might lurk around the dark reed beds of the river but maybe there is a greater danger waiting outside of the water. Will the handsome farm manager save her in time or is he part of the problem? Warning: This story contains explicit descriptions of male/female sex and adult language and is not suitable for minors.

With a scream and unusual strength, I was out of the water in a flash and once safely on dry land, looked between my legs to see what kind of damage the eel did to my sensitive parts. There was no blood and my vertical lips were just a little blue from the cold water but luckily all in one piece. That's when I saw the limp length of rush now wrapped harmlessly around my ankle. The damn thing probably washed down with the steam and then ended up between my legs. It is covered in green stuff that made it feel smooth and slimy just like an eel. With my heart galloping like a wild horse in my throat, I sat down on my bum and laughed almost hysterically. I untangled the slimy piece of rush from my ankle and tossed the "eel" back into the river. The stone slab was a little warmer than I expected but instead of standing up, I just moved my legs around a little and felt a part of my privy lips roll open against the warm wet stone that I was sitting on.

The distant murmuring of the water and the chatter of finches in the reeds, sound mild compared to the blood still rushing hard through my veins. I tilt my head back and the warm sun on my face paints a rosy glow on the inside of my eyelids. Leaning back against my arms, I let my thighs relax and sit cross-legged drinking up the sun. I feel the muscles in my back contracting and the ends of my wet hair tickling me in the small of my back as I move around. I lift one leg and with the tips of my fingers gently pull the other lip slightly open and allow myself to comfortably sink into the warm stone. Time fades into a warm glow, rising in my young body and I float around there ... somewhere between sleep and daydreaming.

'n Plaasmeisie swem kaal in die rivier. Sy maak haarself bang vir wat daar tussen die donker riete skuil maar miskien is daar 'n groter gevaar wat buite wag. Sal die aantreklike voorman haar betyds red of is hy dalk deel van die probleem. Waarskuwing: Hierdie plaas storie bevat eksplesiete beskrywings van man vrou seksuele omgang asook ruwe taal en is nie geskik vir minderjariges nie.

Sarah's life was privileged, structured and planned from conception to her wedding day and she liked it that way. Everything at school happened as planned and she excelled both academically and in the different kinds of sports that she took part in. Her parents didn't allow her to date any of the boys during school and anyway between her school work and other activities there wasn't too much time for mischief.

'n Onskuldige plaasmeisie draf net vinnig oor die verlate werf na die melkkamer toe langs die skuur. Sy word onverwags in die skemerte van die kamer gevange geneem deur die plaasbestuurder wat haar aan die tafel vasbind en onderwerp aan sy seksuele begeertes. Waarskuwing: Die materiaal bevat beskrywings en taalgebruik wat nie geskik is vir sensitiewe lesers of minderjariges nie.

In die skemerlig van die melkkamer word 'n onskuldige plaasmeisie aan die tafel vasgemaak deur 'n “monster” van 'n plaasbestuurder. Die meisie sien en ervaar dinge wat net in die donkerste nagmerries voorkom, maar is magteloos teen die sterk en geslepe man met 'n reuse geheim wat niemand van weet nie. Hy stap na die houtbalk toe en haal twee van die dik leer spanbelde van hulle hakke af. Met my gesig na daardie kant gedraai kan ek nie anders om te sien dat sy ballas groot en laag tussen sy bene hang nie. Toe hy omdraai ruk ek my asem onwillekeurig in by die aanskoue van die monster wat voor tussen sy bene opgestaan het. Sy voël staan stokstyf met sulke bultende are wat om dit krul en hy loer so skuinsweg in my rigting met sy een rooi oog. Ek het nog nooit van so iets gehoor of gesien nie, dit is amper so dik soos 'n man se arm en die kop is groter as 'n man se vuis. Met die eerste oogopslag lyk dit eerder soos 'n man se arm wat 'n rou beeshart in sy hand vashou. Ek volg dit met my verskrikte oë en sien hoe dit op en af wip asof dit veerbelaaid is. Vandag gaan ek voel hoe dit is om geboorte te gee aan 'n beeshart. Hy trek versigtig my T-hemp onder my vasgemaakte hande in en op tot bokant my middel. My hele agterstewe is ontbloot en daar vir sy honger hande en oë.
Ek kan nie besluit of ek bang is of opgewonde nie maar toe ek voel hoe my broekie afrol oor my klammerige boude is dit asof daar 'n elektriese trilling deur my onderlyf gaan. Oral waar sy warm hande liggies aan my bene raak voel ek die elektriese vonke spat in my senuweepunte. Hy lig my voete een vir een op en haak die “panty” van my hakskene af. Hy gooi die opgerolde stukkie materiaal op die tafel voor my neer. Nou is ek heeltemal weerloos in sy hande en kan hy omtrent enigiets met my doen wat sy hart begeer. Ek kan die verraderlikheid van my eie vrouwees ruik aan die stukkie materiaal wat hier voor my lê. Dit is duidelik dat my poesie besig is om haarself lekker nat te maak sonder my toestemming. As ek dit kan ruik, kan hy seer sekerlik ook en dan weet hy dat ek besig is om nat te word tussen my bene. Dit is verraad deur my eie liggaam of is dit oeroue instink wat my beskerm teen groter skade indien ek deur 'n wreedaard verkrag word.


These are just a few of the questions that we get asked about publishing. Please feel free to pass on your own questions and we will try and answer it as best we can.

Start with what your readers really need or what they would be interested in. Therefore if you are like Tryn, someone that is fascinated by the big cats, choose your subject, for example Cheetah cubs and draw up a bit of an outline of what you would like to write about. You already know plenty about the subject therefore only a little bit of research is needed in such fields that you want to improve your own knowledge or update existing information. Share your information in logical chapters building up from the known to the unknown or by just following a logical sequence. Sometimes it is better to start anywhere, as long as you just get going and then complete the sections or chapters one by one. Before you know it you will have a substantial piece of writing on your hands.

Don't get bogged down by grammer, spelling, composition or any of those complicated language issues - just let the creative juices flow and write down your passionate thoughts on the subject. There will be plenty of time later to fix up the technical issues and make the language look better. Personally I switch off the spelchecker while I am writing because I make too many spelling mistakes and the spell checker just slows me down. Once you have a logical section or chapter completed or on those less productive days when the words don't flow so easily, you can start working on the language and fix up the spelling. Ask some knowledgeable people or any of your friends to read through a chapter and give you feed-back. Unless it is your mother or the person specifically asks for it, don't give them more than one chapter to read. People lead busy lives and you don't want to wait long for your feed-back.

You just keep writing down your thoughts or keep working on the message that you want to bring to the world. This you can do chapter by chapter and after many days and a lot of typing you will eventually discover that your book is almost finished. Often authors do so much research for their first book that they find it easier to write the second or third one because of all the material that they have accumulated. If you are writing about a life-long passion, then you already carry a wealth of information around in your head and probably have easy access to ten times more of that because you know so much about the subject. Often it is less about the information and more about presenting it in an easy to understand logical sequence for your readers to follow.

Once you have a completed and properly formatted manuscript, we can electronically publish it for you quite easily. Just send us the manuscript in .Doc (Word format) and include a cover (or front page) that is 600x900 pixels in size, saved in .JPG. The cover can be an art work or picture, something to catch the readers eye with at least the title and the name of the author clearly visible on it. We do not proofread or do language processing, if you're proud of what you have written, who are we to criticize the content?

Copyright is like a sign on a farm gate that says "No Access, offenders will be prosecuted!" It really only stop the good guys from not stealing your stuff, the criminals are not affected by it. In any case you must first catch that person before he or she can be prosecuted. There is software available that makes it harder for people to use your material but is not worth it. The price of electronic books are so cheap it's much easier to just buy the right thing and pay the author his or her bit for the work done. Would you try and steal a cup of coffee from the coffee shop? Why would anybody go through the trouble of stealing your book if it only costs the price of a cup of coffee?

Marketing is a critical component for the successful distribution and sale of your book. It is a fact that if people do not know about your book, they can not buy your book! Therefore we recommend that the marketing start as soon as the concept has been established. Before that you can promote yourself as author, people must be aware of your expertise in the field. A website, blog, social media (like Facebook or Google +) are the main channels. Build up a following of like-minded individuals and correspond with them on a regular basis, remember they each have a sphere of influence that can be leveraged to carry your message out into the world. Budget your time wisely and don't get caught up in the entertainment aspect of the social media, otherwise you might have a huge following but with no book to sell to them. Consult Penny's list and see the many ways that you can use to promote your own book. Don't be shy to tell people about your book, a public commitment can be a strong motivator when the going gets tough.

Same as with plumbing, gardening or a haircut - if you can't do it yourself or know someone that can help you for free, then you have to pay to have it done. A simple Google search will bring up thousands of companies that do all these kinds of marketing for you but at a price. You can even buy friends for your Facebook site from a Chinese company, but how many of them are going to buy your book? Contact us for a simple three-page website design (similar to this one that we are using) and ask the kids to set you up on Google+ and just make a start. Put the information out there and tell people about your intention to write the book but be careful of any "hard sell". Most people consider their time too valuable to waste on reading a "hard sell" about your product, rather disguise your marketing inside something entertaining or informative. Your readers want to gain something of value from the time that they have spent reading your stuff, otherwise they just won't come back next time.

Remember people can only read your book if they know about it and have a link to take them directly to it. Take a look at examples on our other pages by clicking on the picture of a book. This you can also do in many other ways but a website is completely under your control and you can decide what content you want to put on it at what stage. A web-site acts almost like your own personal shop-front specially for the book. Think of it as a little stall at a market with millions of people driving by. Some might stop at the market to take a look and even walk past your stall. If it looks interesting enough some will stop at your stall and page through your book! Don't be fooled, people that just publish to the web with no marketing is often disappointed. Remember you are competing with millions of books out there, including e-books that nobody even knows about. You need to target the specific readers that would buy your book and get your message out to them. Your message must make them curious enough to click on your link and actually get them connected to the virtual bookshop that stocks your book. Once there, they can look at the cover, read the summary, read the comments and impressions of other buyers and then, make the purchase. They might also browse away from your book towards other books that look more interesting.

One could spend a lot of money on all sorts of marketing but then you would most probably be dealing with one of the big publishing houses anyway. If you can set aside some money for marketing we could put you in touch with professionals at JTO that give us an entry special for R1000 that include a simple website connected to Google+ and Facebook hosted for one year. Contact them directly for more complex marketing options. They also help us with graphic designs, printing and search engine optimization. They also have people that can manage your social media channels and help you to get it all going while you focus on writing your book. But family and friends should not be under estimated and could help a lot with setting up a website for you and putting it on Google+ or other social media.

Electronic books are really inexpensive because there is no printing costs involved. Depending on how many diagrams and pictures are included in the book the cost can be as little as R500 for plain text to a R1000 for food or travel journals with lots of illustrations. In return you get your book electronically published with an ISBN number and global distribution to all the major distributors in the most popular formats. One of the best things about eBooks is that they never go out of print and provided that the reader has Internet connection and enough money to buy a cup of coffee, he or she can buy the book and have it available to read in a matter of minutes. Printed books are too risky for us and it would be a lot better to wait and see how successful the book is before you decide to go the traditional route. Novel-type books with 100 pages of text only, can be printed in limited quantities and delivered by mail for less than a R100. Color illustrations will move the cost up considerably, while color has no influence on the cost of electronic publications.

Thank you for your interest! If you liked what you saw so far, please feel free to sign our guest book and we will send you a notification every time we publish a new book. Otherwise on the contact page is an opportunity to get one of our eStories mailed to you for free if you sign up for our newsletter. Sorry about the inconvenience but with some browsers you might have to scroll down again once you open up the guest book.