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What is ePublishing?

Multimedia made huge inroads into the normally closed and conservative publishing industry in resent years. Very soon the number of electronic books that get published will exceed the conventional printed books and keep on accelerating away from it. In fact if we include the electronic genres of “flash fiction” and other short articles and stories that are published over a wide range of “blogs” and other media, it already exceeds the conventional printed media.

The advantages of ePublishing are numerous and stretch over a wide spectrum from cost to delivery and in most cases it adds up to a win-win situation for both authors and readers. If we look at who the losers are in this new environment, it is mainly the old conventional publishers and the brick and mortar book stores. Some people argue that quality can be affected because many authors publish their own work and it doesn't get proofread properly. We welcome the luxury of choice and leave the decision to publish or to read any content to the actual people involved. How arrogant of a publisher to decide how an author should write his work or who do I think I am to decide what the readers should read.

In all fairness even I have to admit that there are a few disadvantages to only having electronic books and no printed material. It doesn't feel or smell like a real book and you probably won't be able to swat an intruding insect with it. If you are struggling to get the fire going or there is a pressing bodily emergency, the blank pages can't be used to stroke the fire or any other personal needs. Provided you have some fire lighters and do a bit of planning, you might never need a conventional printed book again.

Just being able to pack a library with thousands of your favourite books in your carry-on luggage is a huge advantage. With a bit of planning you can have hundreds of books in each of your favourite categories to choose from. At last the luxury of a whole mobile library for the "financially challenged". Whatever your mood, you are sure to have a book to tickle your fancy. If you are close enough to civilisation to have some internet access, you can search for even more titles or authors to choose from. Just over a hundred years ago our great-grandparents in South Africa, had only three books to choose from: The Bible, Psalm-book and a school-book called "Trap der Jeugt", all written in Dutch because our language (Afrikaans) was still in its infancy.

Read more about Jaco's love affair with electronic books at: “ Why I love eBooks”.

Now that you are (like us) sold on the concept of eBooks, how about publishing your own book. It is really very cheap, quick and easy to do. If you still have some questions about it, take a look at our list of FAQ's (frequently asked questions) on the next page. For those of you that have a manuscript thrown back in a drawer because someone (even yourself) told you it is not good enough to publish, I have good news. You don't have to give up on that little book of stories or poems that you wanted to pass on to your grand-children. We realise that technology could be intimidating for some of us but that is why we can help you overcome that tiny hurdle.

With electronic publishing things are just sooo much easier. In less than a week we can have your book, manual, poems even memoirs, registered with a worldwide ISBN number and available on Amazon.com for anybody around the world to read or buy. You set the price in US Dollars and across the globe people can look at the cover, read the summary, download a sample and if they like what they see a few minutes later they could be reading your book on their Kindle or E-book reader. How cool is that? Even young Johnny working on a oil-rig in the North Sea can use his satellite link to download the book and have something to read during his next break. Is that going to cost you an arm and a leg?

No it can cost you as little as R500 if you supply the final manuscript and title page in the correct formats to us. Your kids or friends could probably do all of that for you and it saves us from spending valuable time on doing stuff like proof-reading or designing a title page (front cover) for you. Don't worry we will supply you with the full list of requirements, sizes and formats that will make your book a winner in the electronic medium. Yes we will check if the kids did a good enough job an let you know if we want some changes done or not.

Remember people can only read your book if they know about it and have a link to take them directly to it. Take a look at examples on our other pages by clicking on the picture of a book, see how the link takes you directly to where the book is sold. Don't be fooled, people that just publish to the web with no marketing is often disappointed. Remember you are competing with millions of books out there, including e-books that nobody even knows about. Take a look at Penny's list of 50 ways to market your book on a shoe-string budget. If you still need help, read the answer under marketing in our FAQ's on the next page and avoid disappointment.

Family, friends and word of mouth can be a very powerful marketing tool, ask them to spread the word or put your link up on their social media pages like Google+ or Facebook. Please feel free to email us for more information or your questions, at:

E - Mail: suky@kammasutra.co.za